Legislative Update! Louisiana Partnership Requirements


During the 2021 regular Louisiana Legislative Session, Act 287 was passed for new Louisiana partnership requirements, and Richard Tullier, CPA and Allison Civello, CPA provide this summary.

This Act requires all partnerships doing business in Louisiana to file the LA Form IT-565 and thus requires all partnerships to obtain a Louisiana Revenue Account Number. Previously, only partnerships which had non-resident or non-individual partners were required to file, and a Louisiana Revenue Account Number was not required. As with a federal return, this form is for reporting purposes and does not create a tax at the entity level.

Based on the above guidance for Louisiana partnership requirements, there are three scenarios you will likely find yourself in:

  • Do you have payroll and/or sales in Louisiana?  If you do, then you already have a 10 digit account number. You will have to notify the state that you need to be authorized for partnership filings through LA Taxpayer Access Point (LA TAP).
  • Have you never filed a partnership return with the state of Louisiana?  The state announced on February 16, 2022 that you may use your Federal EIN on the return for this year (2021) only. Once the state receives the return, they will mail you a letter with a new LA Revenue Account Number.
  • Have you filed a partnership return but never got a state ID number?  You can contact the LA Department of Revenue via telephone at 855-307-3893 or via www.revenue.louisiana.gov.


Should you have any questions or concerns about ACT 287 or the new Louisiana partnership requirements, please give us a call.