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Natural or man-made disasters may result in your business’s full or partial suspension of operations, with associated lost profits for which an insurance claim may be filed. Business Interruption insurance is a common policy carried by business owners. Calculation of a business interruption claim often involves in depth forensic analysis to accurately measure the lost profits of the business.

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Our professionals can assist you and your business by working with the insured and/or the insurance company to accurately measure the business interruption claim. As part of its business interruption services, Wegmann Dazet will:

  • Review a company’s financial records
  • Analyze the projected performance to actual performance before, during, and after the period of interruption
  • Analyze industry data to determine the effect on profits
  • Examine non-loss-related events & conditions to calculate damages solely attributable to lost profits during the loss incident
  • Review continuing expenses
  • Review and track extra expenses
  • Calculate the business interruption loss in accordance with the terms of the insurance policy
  • Provide a written report and calculation schedules
  • Review opposing accountant’s calculation and analysis, and work with them to resolve differences
  • Provide expert and consulting witness testimony

To be prepared ahead of the next disaster, and for assistance with your business interruption claim afterwards, contact us at Wegmann Dazet.

Anita M. Zimmer, CPA, ABV, CFF

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