Tax Credits & Incentives

Tax Credits & Incentives

Tax credits and business incentives are available to your business at federal and state levels. Many states have similar credits to the federal ones, which creates an opportunity to receive benefits from both levels using similar information.

Tax Credits & Incentives

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The most common of these are:

  • Historic Rehabilitation credit
  • New Market Tax credit
  • Credit for the increase in Research and Development
  • Work Opportunity Tax credit
  • Renewable Energy and/or Biofuelcredits

Our knowledgeable professionals ensure that you are aware of, and can take advantage of, all credit opportunities available to you to reduce your tax liabilities.

State credits focus on bringing business into the state or expanding business already there, thus often concentrating on capital investment and job creation. As you consider business expansion, a review of credits and incentives should be performed.

General types of state credits include:

  • Investment credits for
    • Corporate headquarters relocation
    • Facilities and equipment
    • Venture capital
  • Job Creation and Retention credits
  • Credits for investment in specific locations (Enterprise Zone, New Market)

Many states, including Louisiana, offer income tax credits and other business incentives as well, which may include sales tax rebates and/or property tax abatements.

With Louisiana’s lucrative credits to businesses in the state, from R&D to Digital Media to hiring credits and sales tax rebates, Wegmann Dazet can assist in capturing the maximum benefit available.

As you grow, our keen focus will help you gain advantages through credits and incentives. Contact us during your planning phase to assess the opportunities!

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