Agreed Upon Procedures (AUPs)

Don’t need a full audit but would like a compliance check? Wegmann Dazet can provide agreed-upon procedures (AUPs) to address a specific requirement or to verify certain transactions.

Your organization may require a report from a certified public accountant, but not necessarily a full financial statement audit. In these cases, we can perform agreed-upon procedures in accordance with standards issued by the AICPA. Since the scope of work of an AUP is limited to only certain areas or procedures, compared to a “full” audit, agreed-upon procedures reports can be more efficient and less time-consuming compared to a financial statement audit.

Examples where we can help you with an AUP include:

  • Inventory observation and verifying amounts
  • Accounts receivable balances confirmation
  • Revenue recognition and lease standards implementations
  • Due diligence investigations for prospective purchasers
  • Income tax provision calculations
  • Compliance checks for regulatory requirements

Now with all this experience, why not give us a ring when you need assistance with verifying a transaction or address a specific requirement in your business?

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