From choosing the most tax effective entity structure, to ongoing tax guidance to minimize your tax liability, to business succession planning or selling your business, we can help.
Our keen focus will help you gain advantages through tax credits and business incentives at both federal and state levels.
We assist with all aspects of your federal, state, and local filing requirements, including multi-state and international filings.
If your business has interactions or transactions with another state, such as sales, services, employees, or inventory, you may have “nexus” and be subject to additional tax exposure. Let us help.
In today’s world, commerce and technology have gone far beyond the borders of the United States, due to the global society. Our international experience and resources are here for you.
The cost of getting estate planning wrong could far exceed the expense of planning it properly. Wegmann Dazet can help you explore the tax impacts of the advice you’ve received. Working alongside your attorneys and financial advisors, we can help ensure you receive the most advantageous strategy.

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