Marine and Land Transportation Services

Wegmann Dazet is no stranger to the transportation industry.

Throughout our history, we have worked with and helped companies build success in the areas of vessel design & manufacturing, transportation domestically and abroad, and navigating the rules of commerce.

Our team understands the importance of transportation and logistics in the global transportation infrastructure. Now more than ever we realize that this sector is critical, especially as how shipping and transportation have been disrupted following the pandemic.

Your company will gain a multitude of ideas to assist with both domestic and international operations through our experience with the following:

  • Ship design and manufacturing using cutting edge technology in the marine sector
  • Transportation logistic analysis for company structure
  • International considerations in transporting goods
  • Capital Construction Funds for ship building
  • State analysis regarding compliance and reporting for carriers
  • Many other ideas centered around economic and tax efficiency

With all of this experience, why not reach out and see how Wegmann Dazet can help your company navigate the roads and waters of transportation, this unique industry?

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