Retirement Plan Audits

Retirement Plan Audits

Wegman Dazet can expertly handle the compliance requirements of your retirement plan audit. Offering a retirement plan to your employees is a great incentive to attract and retain employees. These plans can also benefit you the employer as a tax deduction for company matching and administrative expenses! CFOs and HR professionals frequently call on our firm to take this duty off their plate.

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When companies offer retirement plans, they have a fiduciary responsibility to the plan participants to follow plan documents and complete all necessary required filings. Wegmann Dazet has the expertise, with decades of experience, and the ability to perform your retirement plan audit efficiently and effectively. This will give you the employer the peace of mind that you are complying with retirement plan documents and not exposing your company to unnecessary risk.  

Wegmann Dazet is able to assist in the following services:

  • Form 5500 preparation
  • 401(k) audits
  • 403(b) audits
  • Assistance with DOL or IRS inquiries

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