Gaming and Hospitality

From casinos to restaurants, and from resorts to hotels, the hospitality industry is always in growth mode

Wegmann Dazet helps these businesses grow and manage the challenges arising from seasonality issues and economic swings. We understand how the dice rolls and how specials are served up.

Hotel companies chase market share, and native American tribes seek the support of new monies. The one common denominator? Cash and how to account for it effectively and how to minimize tax liabilities.

At Wegmann Dazet, our experience is deep in the casino world – we have served on audit teams for one of the largest operators in the country. Our footprint in the hotel runs from the Gulf Coast to Hawaii. Our friends in tribal gaming are coast to coast as well.

From compliance with gaming regulations and guidelines in the casino world, to intricate financial structures and historic tax credit work in hotel expansion, and internal controls and 401(k) audits within restaurant chains, our team of professionals stands ready to guide you. Growth, profitability, and operational efficiencies all spell out ROI. Let us know how we can help.

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