Business Startup Consultation

Business Startup Consultation

When you create a new entity, there are numerous accounting decisions that need to be made. Wegmann Dazet is here to guide you through this process by explaining each option and the potential impact on you and your newly formed entity.

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For example, the proper business structure and entity-type are important decisions with potential legal and tax ramifications. Based on the unique circumstances of your business, we can help determine what is most beneficial. For example:
  • Legal entity structure – LLC vs. Inc.
  • Tax structure – sole proprietorship, partnership, S corporation, or C corporation.
  • Tax basis – cash vs. accrual
Additionally, your new business will need to consider capital and financing requirements for success. Our team can help project out cashflow based performance assumptions specific to your situation.

Timely monitoring of financial performance can be especially critical in the early stages of a business. We can assist you with this in a variety of ways:

  • Setup and classification of chart of accounts
  • Proper classification of financial statements
  • Development of internal controls
  • Establishment of operational benchmarks
  • Regular meetings to discuss performance and identify weaknesses
  • Strategic Tax planning

With our decades of experience helping companies of all sizes, why not contact Wegmann Dazet for assistance with your business startup?

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