Business Valuations

Every company has a unique blend of financial and non-financial factors to consider, which requires careful evaluation and analysis. Call us for your careful evaluation and analysis.

Cash Flow, Budgeting, and Projections

Our professionals help businesses of all sizes get a better picture of future performance and cash flow with the preparation of forecasts or projections.

Business Startup Consultation

When you create a new entity, there are numerous accounting decisions that need to be made. Wegmann Dazet is here to guide you through this process by explaining each option and the potential impact on you and your newly formed entity.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Do you fully understand the financial impact of your sale or acquisition?
Buyers, lenders, and sellers involved in M&A should identify risks and opportunities associated with the business under consideration.

Business Succession Planning

Once you decide to remove yourself from your company’s day to day operations, effective transition of the business to your successors is critical. We can help this transition.

Client Services

Our approach is to build a client relationship by understanding the unique aspects of your business to partner with you to promote success. Owners of small and emerging businesses need access to a full-service accounting firm.